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Daily Schedule - Exact seminar times listed below

All attendees will receive a spiral bound notebook containing course materials from all instructors.  In addition, all seminars will be audio recorded and made available free of charge. This way, if you missed a particular workshop, you can review the audio recording along with the materials at your leisure.  All the resources are yours to keep and enjoy for years to come.  

Hank Shreve -  seminar Topics and descriptions 


Get a Rhythm!

- rhythmic comping/vamping. How to get creative with your rhythm.

- Fun with triplets, how to use triplets in other grooves, 

- How to Swing, what is Swing, and how to play behind the beat

- Groove!

Debunking The 12 Bar Blues:

- The ins and outs, basic Blues Theory

- Different versions of 12 Bar Blues Forms, and how to play comfortably over them.

- What to do when a rut occurs

The Bottom to the Top End:

- The note layout, brief history, and brief rundown of the different positions

- Getting from the low octave up to the top octave comfortably 

- Fun ways to get you up and down the entire range of the instrument 

Intro to Blues Chromatic:

- Proper embouchure.. how to produce a full, rich sound 

- Basic 3rd Position.. What notes to use and which ones to stay away from and why.

- Taking it further.. Basic Cross Harp, and other Positions/Keys  

- Other tricks.. Tongue Blocking, how to get those big "George Harmonica Smith" octaves and more!)

Sandy Weltman -  Seminar Topics and descriptions


Harmonica Playing by Positions:

Are you feeling like you’re in a “harmonica rut”? Do you play everything in cross harp (2nd position), or all of your simple melodies in 1st position? There are a lot more possibilities out there on that tiny little 10 hole instrument. In this class we will understand more deeply the importance of different harmonica “positions”  and a new palette of sounds and possibilities which they offer. We will also learn how to play in minor and major keys as well as an approach to playing in six different positions (keys) on one harmonica.

The Fabulous Five Note Approach For Harmonica:

I like to tell my students that if they learn nothing else but the pentatonic and blues scale along with some associated licks and patterns, they will probably be able to jam along very competently on any folk, rock, blues or bluegrass song or jam session that they encounter. In this class we are going to dig into the five note pentatonic scale for the harmonica. We will learn licks, patterns and approaches to jamming with this simple yet profound scale. Being able to “bend” notes is helpful.

Harmonica Blues Jam For Beginners:

Never played a harmonica before, no problem. Want to learn a few easy blues ideas to jam with with, no problem. Want to quit your day job immediately to become a professional harmonica player… well… maybe a bit of a problem. Either way just show up and the fun is guaranteed.

Approaching Jazz and Swing On The Diatonic Harmonica:

This class will focus on an approach to learning, understanding and playing jazz/swing on the tiny little ten hole diatonic harmonica. We will learn some basic jazz scales and patterns,  proper “harmonica positions” for jazz and finally a few easy to learn jazz tunes to get you going. Being able to adequately “bend” notes is a must.

Gary Green - Seminar Topics and descriptions


Accompanying the Singer Songwriter/Support the song:
Gary left the blues scene 25 yrs. ago and has recorded and toured with a variety of songwriters. He has developed a style that dispels the notion that songwriters need to whip out their harmonica player blues tune each time a harp player is going to sit in.  This will focus on playing melodically, beautifully and  dynamically while supporting the song - all the things a songwriter wants from the harp player that they don’t think you can do because you’re  the blues guys.. 

On Stage Solutions:
No stranger to both ends of the audio system , among the stages Gary has played are the Ryman , Grand ole Opry, Birchmere to name a few. He has been the FOH audio engineer for many national acts including BB King, Mary Chaplin Carpenter, Dionne Warwick, Kris Kristofferson, Esperanza , Howard Levy to name a FEW. He will offer insights into all things Stage related , monitor , mic choices, audio issues solutions and yes , that sound guy - as it relates to you the Harp player.

My Beginner/ Intermediate Lesson: For the beginning harmonica play to early intermediate. All things related to this level to help jump start your harmonica Journey.

Madcat Ruth - Seminar Topics and descriptions


Understanding the circle of fifths and how it relates to playing harmonica: This class demystifies the sometimes confusion about the circle (cycle) of fifths. For all harmonica players who have been perplexed by this concept. This seminars explains what it is and how it relates to the harmonica. The seminar will help you understand the patterns of logic behind musical movement and most importantly how it applies to your harmonica playing. 

Understanding TONE and how to get it:  In this seminar Madcat (who has been playing for 55 years) will share what he knows about how to create good TONE. There are many factors including embouchure, your tongue position, the openness of your throat, the muscles in your face, neck, shoulders, your posture, your hand position, and the size of your lungs. Being aware of all these factors is the first step to improving your harmonica tone.

Todd Parrott - Seminar Topics and descriptions

Beginner's Blues  - This class, geared towards beginners, will focus on the structure of the 12-bar blues and the chords used.  We'll focus on understanding 2nd position, finding the necessary bends, how to build a blues solos with licks that can be transposed to more than one chord, and how to use these licks to build your own 12-bar solos.

Fluid Licks For Rhythms:

A study in adding fluidity into your playing, and how to adapt your harp licks to fit within various rhythms and grooves.  Certain vowel sounds, syllables, triplets and “connector licks” will be demonstrated to help you move up and down your harmonica with greater ease.  This class takes the country patterns, “bluesifies” them, and adds a half-time funky rhythm into the mix.  Learn how to take these same licks and alter them to fit other rhythms as well, such as the classic shuffle, or even slow blues.

INTRO to Country Harmonica and Beyond - This class will explore Nashville harmonica styles and techniques. Bring a C harmonica and learn to play patterns made popular by players like Charlie McCoy, Buddy Greene, and others, as well as how to add country licks and embellishments into your favorite melodies. We will also discuss 5th position playing, and how/when to use 5th for minor country tunes vs 3rd position, as well as “country” tuned harmonicas. Free tablature of patterns and complete songs will be included. 

Exploring 3rd Position MAJOR - In this session, we’ll dive deep into 3rd position (commonly used as a “go to” for minor playing) and explore the untapped potential of playing in 3rd position major. You may be surprised at just how rich and soulful the harmonica can be in this position and how this knowledge can even help you improve your 2nd position playing. Printed tablature of 3rd position major licks and songs will be included. 

Steve August - Seminar Topics and descriptions


Rhythm Workout: Your Friend the Metronome

Introduction to the Rhythm GRID. How to count time and stay in SYNC with the metronome, backing track, live band and or other musicians.   How to use the Metronome as a tool to build your rhythmic sense and stability.  How to internalize time and master rhythm.  Ways to use Harmonica Riffs and Patterns you know or are learning to really internalize rhythm. Explore some common myths about Rhythm. Learn how to really groove and stay in SYNC with any rhythm track or band. 

Fear Based Practicing:  Fine tune your practicing

Introduction to a core mastering principle. Explore how fear inhibits our ability to practice effectively.  Are you feeling "overwhelmed" and can't make the progress you desire? Are you practicing many things but nothing seems to stick with you?   Take this seminar and find the answers and solutions to these questions and more!    

Daily Schedule 

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