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(DTW) - Detroit, Micigan about 250 miles from Petoskey
(GRR) - Grand Rapids, Michigan about 180 miles from Petoskey
(TVC) - Traverse City, Michigan abot 65 miles from Petoskey
(PLN) - Pellston, Micigan about 20 miles from Petoskey


ODAWA HOTEL     231-347-6041   $109 - $129 / night

Make sure you tell them you are with the Great Lakes Harmonica Retreat!  ALL SEMINARS are held at this HOTEL.  Staying here is the the most convenient place to stay. Walk down from your room to have a FREE breakfast and then attend the Retreat seminars.

Single person:        $109 Wednesday & Thursday

                                $129 Friday & Saturday   

Double occupancy (where 2 people share the total cost of the room)

                                 (Each person would pay the following) 


                                 $55 Wednesday & Thursday 

                                 $65 Friday and Sat. night  ( Best Deal ) 

Call STEVE AUGUST (231-838-6419) - I will hook you up with a harmonica buddy to share the room and cost.  This splits the room cost between two people.  You will share a room with another attendee of the same gender, cutting the room rate in half (1/2).  No need to find another attendee if you are coming alone - I will take care of that for you but you must call me if you need a roommate.  Book the room directly yourself if you have a friend you want to share the room with.    

Americinn 231-439-8000 

make sure you tell them you are with the Great Lakes Harmonica Retreat

Single person:        $80 Wednesday & Thursday

                                $130 Friday & Saturday   

Double occupancy (2 people in room -  people sharing the room cost) 

                                 $40 Wednesday & Thursday 

                                 $65 Friday and Sat. night  ( Best Deal ) 


Hotel rates are high this time of year due to the seasonal COLOR and great fall weather. BUT call me to book your room as I will book your room with another Retreat attendee and this will cut the cost in half.   If you have a friend also participating in the Retreat then go ahead and book the room at either Hotel yourself.  Simply call them and tell them you are with the GREAT LAKES HARMONICA RETREAT.   For those coming alone then call me (Steve August 231-838-6419) and I can assist you with getting your room with another attendee of the same gender (Male with Male - Female with Female).

Currently the greatest Lodging deal is from AMERICINN.  They gave me an unbeatable rate of $80 per room per night for October 2 & 3 (Wednesday and Thursday) and for October 4 & 5 (Friday & Saturday) $129 / per room per night.  Please reserve your room as soon as possible and don't wait.  These rooms will go fast.  This is a nice place 3 miles from downtown Petoskey which has a 24/7 pool, hottub and FREE Breakfast.  You won't find a better deal unless you stay for free with a relative or friend.  

If you don't mind sharing a room at ANY MOTEL, please email me or CALL 231-838-6419 and I can arrange a harmonica buddy to bunk with you and share the cost.  If you already booked your room and want to share it let me know, if you don't have your room yet and want to share again let me know.  l can help.

(Email Steve: 231-838-6419)

Other Hotels

Apple Tree Inn   231-348-2900

Holiday Inn Express  231-487-0991

Econo Lodge       231-348-3324

Michigan Lodge   231-348-3900

Car Rental

 ENTERPRISE in Petoskey  231-439-9272 

Depending what airport you use check with those locations for car rental. Or EXPEDIA, PRICELINE or other service of you choice online.

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